Anáhuac Day is an event that commemorates the anniversary of one of the most prestigious schools of Mexico: the Universidad Anáhuac [Anahuac University]. The celebration is organized by the student council and is devoted to the entire college society. Several activities are included in this festivity such as go-Karts, gotcha, dunk tank, mounting, among many others. For the closure, there is always a concert. Fonseca and Reik performed in this occasion. 

A team constituted by Fer Gutierrez, Carlos Miranda, Guillermo Consejo and Renato González was in charge of the publicity. I worked on the principal images for the activities of the day, as well as on the adjustment of the university pet: the lion. As Pre-Columbian culture was the theme, we decided to make an abstraction of some elements that resulted in some fresh and fun graphics that could be appreciated in the entire school. 

This project was exhibited in the Franz Mayer Museum due to an Honorable Mention in the Quórum prizes of 2012 in the student-illustration category.
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